EXCLUSIVE Free Training From Our CEO Janis Brix:

"How We Generate 30+ RFPs for CROs Without Any Cold Outreach"



  • How to to attract 1000s of target prospects to your website on demand
  • How to convert up to 52% of your traffic into high-value leads and RFPs
  • How to nurture leads into sales opportunities
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Janis Brix is a Growth Consultant for Clinical Research Organisations, with over 10 years’ experience in digital marketing. This free training reveals his 3-step methodology to generate 30+ RFPs quarterly through only inbound techniques.
Janis is also the founder and CEO of Wigwam Digital, one of the only digital marketing agencies with a focus on the clinical research industry. They have a proven track record of establishing successful growth systems for their clients, so join this webinar for free to see how your business can benefit.
100% FREE - Next Class Is Starting NOW!

Anna Kuzmicheva,
Director Business Development, Dokumeds

“Despite a broad scope of services, our collaboration has always been easy and pleasant, as Wigwam provided a reliable, stable and responsive team for our needs. They have demonstrated flexibility in adapting their processes and approach to fit the company’s and industry specifics in particular. After the set-up phase was over, we started seeing results in incoming leads in just a few weeks.”

Evita Kruze, Kondicio

“As a result of their work, we grew so rapidly our calendars were booked up 3 months ahead. Their team are extremely knowledgeable and passionate, it was such a pleasure to work with them and would recommend the team to anyone wishing their business to grow.”

Andrew Farquharson, Campbell Dallas

“I have worked with Janis for a number of years and his technical knowledge, market insights and network of highly skilled peers means the service received is top-notch. Janis and his team will take a brief and run with it, allowing me as the client to focus on other tasks. I then know the job will be delivered on time, to budget and to an incredibly high standard.”