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Understand your funnel and find where and how you should be optimising your efforts to get to your revenue goals!

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Companies want more leads and traffic. Yet, most don't really understand the impact of increasing one or the other, and where they stand vs. industry benchmarks. Optimising your funnel is key to getting more customers, but with a limited marketing budget, you need to increase your efforts where it's going to generate a real impact.

Use this calculator to:

  • Determine your conversion rates
  • Compare your funnel to industry standards and similar businesses to yours
  • Define where you need to increase efforts to reach your goals
  • Predict your future funnel based on your goals.
Understand how many customers you need to acquire to reach your growth goals

Why is the funnel so important?

A lot of companies spend years investing in digital marketing without seeing ROI.
Normally, this happens because:

There isn't a marketing strategy in place focused on building a sales pipeline
There aren't enough incentives for prospects to convert (content, compelling sales copy, product descriptions etc.)
The funnel isn't being analysed in a way that allows actions to be taken to generate impact.

Some companies keep looking for ways to generate more traffic, when really their problem is turning traffic to leads. Some keep focusing on generating lead magnets, but they don't have traffic to reach their goals. Some are generating enough leads, but then deals and customers look way too distant. Use this calculator to understand where you should be putting your efforts and stop wasting your marketing dollars!

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