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A household name who are experts in getting out the front door.As fellow lovers of the outdoors, we approached Trespass proposing to provide art direction and content creation that effectively portrayed the values of the brand.

While the Trespass Instagram account was created more than 5 years ago, no strategic approach had ever been taken on it. Within the 3 short months we created an authentic and inspiring visual identity as well as building up a more engaged community.

Social Media Management

We took a holistic approach to our social media work with Trespass, overseeing every aspect of their Instagram marketing. While the followers often only see the final post, there is a whole lot of work that goes on behind the scenes. We planned, created, scheduled and posted daily content, campaigns, and competitions. As well as engaging with the following through comments and Instagram stories.

Into the Highlands and beyond.

Understanding your consumer’s way of life is a key for a successful campaign. This is what lifestyle brands are built upon and we believe we’ve got a knack for it.

We needed to create authentic lifestyle content that resonates with everyone from an average weekend hiker to an experienced mountaineer. So, we took Trespass into the Highlands of Scotland and the Faroe Islands.

We led a product-only campaign with 11 of Scotland’s most influential outdoors photographers.

Our influencers broadcasted to a loyal audience of almost half a million people, increasing the demand and brand awareness for Trespass and their products.


Within 3 short months, we had to create an authentic and inspiring visual identity as well as build a more engaged community of followers.

We produced new content for Trespass’ social media pages, as well as beautiful videography that was used in Trespass stores. The team managed to grow the account from 4,462 to over 7,000 followers and more than doubled the engagement rate within that short time frame.

120% Engagement Increase
150% Growth in All Time Likes
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