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Freshening up Glasgow's city centre.

We teamed up with Glasgow’s newest urban food takeaway to create a social media campaign that would make ‘sprigg’ the word on the street ahead of launch. Sprigg are re-thinking how we eat and drink on the go, serving fresh, filling and affordable food alongside world class coffee and beverages.

Quality content backed up by solid strategy.

Working alongside sprigg, we built a strong social strategy from the very bottom up, which would give a credibility to the brand ahead of launch. By creating a visual identity that showcased sprigg’s key values, customers built a connection and confidence with the brand

We established an image that stemmed directly from the philosophy – focusing on bright colours and clean backgrounds. This served to highlight the vibrancy and freshness of both the brand and it’s product, differentiating from the local Glasgow cafe scene.

Working across all channels to create a well rounded and effective campaign.

Starting the social accounts from scratch, we had to set a tone for sprigg that would communicate their values properly and resonate with their target customer base.

A professional but slightly casual tone was established and this carried through all marketing materials as we secured coverage from press outlets such as the Evening Times and Glasgow Live.


After a short, month long campaign in the lead up to sprigg’s opening, we managed to generate a combined following of over 1,000 users across both Facebook and Instagram. This comprised of real, active users, proven by the consistent post engagement of over 43%.

Social media coverage is a key asset to sprigg as it acts as their main touch point for customers out with their store. We built a solid platform upon which sprigg can continue to rise.

43% Post Engagement  
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