My Ancestral Scotland

Strategy, UX/UI Design, Laravel Development

Wigwam worked with My Ancestral Scotland to build an original brand identity and a responsive website to facilitate effective delivery of their pioneering new service.‍

My Ancestral Scotland is a pioneering new service designed to help connect the Scottish diaspora with their ancestral past. Developed by a team of academic experts, My Ancestral Scotland puts users in touch with local providers who can help provide real, tangible information and experiences for those wishing to visit Scotland as ancestral tourists.


After hosting initial consultations with key My Ancestral Scotland (MAS) team members, it was clear that they already had a fairly solid vision and set of values but lacked a visual interpretation of this. They wanted to create the image of a personal and accessible service but also emphasised the importance of maintaining an air of professionalism and experience. Moreover, they stressed that the brand should be focused on the idea of connecting people to specific places and as such should have a real tangible element to it.

Using this guidance, we built a full identity for the brand, comprising typeface, logo, slogans, colourways, imagery, backgrounds and marketing collateral. Greys and blues made up the foundation of the brand colours - referencing Scotland in a refreshing and modern way. A contrasting vibrant orange was used for the accent colours and gave the overall identity a slightly more technological feel. The logo was an interpretation of a cairn - subtly referencing a traditional Scottish method of placemaking and marking direction.

Sitemap and Wireframes

Working closely with MAS, we built initial wireframes for all key web pages using Adobe Xd. These initial layouts were focused on giving a succinct introduction to the company and what they offer before showcasing the online features and encouraging users to get involved. The site also featured two separate internal user profile sections - one for service providers and one for those seeking ancestral information. Various user journeys were mocked up for these sections including sign-in, sign-up and interactions with each of the internal features (searching for, interacting and organising exchanges with providers).


The final website combined the previously established brand identity with the comprehensive wireframes created. The homepage has a smooth flow, beginning with an immediately accessible search bar for both new and returning users. We designed a custom walkthrough video which takes users on a journey through the brand as a whole, each of the available services offered and how they all work. This is followed by an interactive map which showcases providers in locations across Scotland.

View the My Ancestral Scotland website here.

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