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Having recently changed the business name, MCC Accountants were keen to revamp their image.

In doing so, identity could be defined that the website would follow. We designed a clean, modern and approachable visual language that embodied the people-orientated nature of MCC.‍

Logo Showcase

Operating in a sector where many companies opt for text-only logos gave MCC the incentive to request that we create a brand that incorporated a striking icon as a logo, that could be used with or without text.

Using the forms created by the letters incorporated in the company name; m, c and a, a dynamic brand mark was created. This met MCC’s desire to have a standalone icon but also maintained a literal element that makes the mark understandable and memorable.


A bold and active blue was paired with a softer, calming green to give a colour scheme which is both ambitious and grounded. The embodiment of MCC’s philosophy as a company.


A typeface was chosen that combines elements of professionalism with a slight informality, a nod to MCC’s reputation as a very open and friendly company.


To coincide with the updated branding, we developed a new website for MCC.

The focus was on creating a simple user experience, making it much simpler and easier for both employees and clients to work with the website. Optimised copywriting was employed on the body text of each page to ensure good SEO practices and user readability .

Have a look at the website here.

"When I started my business I had no idea what it would eventually become. It was all rather informal and based around me so I thought at that time branding didn’t matter. When it became apparent things were getting serious, and the business required a good team to come in and help service our clients, I realised we had to have a brand beyond ‘me’ and that is where Janis and his team at Wigwam Digital came in. They worked with us to deliver a practice brand which has vastly enhanced our identity to existing, new and potential clients, and helps us punch above our weight.”

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