Angel Tours

Branding, UI/UX Design, WordPress Development

Having operated all across Europe for over a decade, Angel Tours are renowned as hosting some of the most personal and engaging tours in the industry. Despite their reputation, their brand identity lacked coherence.

Angel Tours approached us to create a distinctive brand identity that would bring their tour guides in 13 cities under one banner.

Angel Tours requested an identity that was not only striking but also embraced their love for the classics. A passion that often received much praise from customers.


While started in Ireland, the spiritual home of Angel Tours is very much Rome. We worked together to create a rich palette that embodied this connection as well as giving an impression of warmth and experience.


An elegant but powerful serif typeface was chosen to represent the brand, creating the perfect blend of class and experience.


With guides all over Europe, Angel tours needed a set of iconography that all followed the same visual outline, while still maintaining the ability to distinguish guides in different cities.

Their attitude and sincere genuine outlook on life is reflected in the Wigwam website design, layout and functionality. These guys will stream into my life and invigorate our business to show that we are a company and a lifestyle in a way that we have not been able to achieve online yet.
They found meaning in the Empire of the internet vacuum. My respect is given in friendship, business, trust and my willingness to be open and honest with the Wigwam boys and girls

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