Understanding Website Traffic Sources

What is the difference between Organic and Direct traffic? What does the Paid traffic consist off? How do you match your leads with the right source?
One of the first places where we look when assessing new clients marketing strategy is the current lead and traffic sources. We need to know what is working and what's not working and where all the good stuff comes from. Most web channels are tracked and grouped similarly by various analytics tools. We mainly use Google Analytics, HubSpot and LeadAnalytics. Here are the main traffic sources we use in practice:

Organic Traffic

Website visitors who come from a search engine such as Google or Bing. This is the type of traffic that marketers love the most, because it’s low cost and continues to grow over time as you create and share more content. By writing your content around targeted keywords that your personas are searching, you can drive them back to your website from search engine results.

Referral Traffic

Website visitors who come from other websites (except search engines). This includes social media sites, other blogs, and third-party review sites. When your content is insightful and interesting, people want to share it. And in many cases, when customers have had a good experience with your product, they like to share as well.

Email Traffic

Website visitors who come from your email marketing efforts. When you can send the right message at the right time, email marketing helps you work leads through the marketing funnel. Marketing automation platforms can make this process easier by helping you segment leads based on where they are in the Buyer’s Journey and ensure they receive the message that resonates the most with them.

Direct Traffic

Website visitors who come directly to your site without coming from a referring website. One of the most common sources of visits to your website, direct traffic often comes from visitors who saw your URL and entered it directly into their browser. It can also include traffic where the referrer or source is unknown. Direct traffic is often the result of high brand awareness, trade shows, and offline advertising.

Paid Traffic

Website visitors who come from paid online advertising. Paid advertising can be an effective way to boost traffic when you’re not getting it from the other channels. You don’t have to spend millions of dollars to see a result. In fact, many paid search strategies are very affordable.