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Growing a business is hard. You're being pulled in a zillion directions and worrying where your next customers will come from. Maybe you're even spending countless hours trying to manage ads yourself which can itself be a full-time job.

Fortunately, we can help you can skip the guesswork.
Wigwam is a Google Ads agency helping you to grow faster & smarter in a predictable, less stressful, and more fun way so that you can focus on what you do best.

We often increase the amount of conversions by 2-3x while keeping the same budget.
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Google Ads Services

TRAffic Generation

  • Google Ads Audit
  • Google Ads Account Setup
  • Google Ads Management
  • Google Ads Consulting

Conversion Optimisation

  • Landing Pages
  • Ad Copywriting
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Google Tag Manager

lead nurturing

  • Email Automation
  • CRM Management
  • Remarketing
  • Lead Attribution

Are Your Campaigns Underperforming?

Your Results Are Inconsistent

If your results vary or you're feeling a gradual decline it can be stressful and impossible to plan for long term growth.

Inconsistent results can mean that your campaign setup needs improvement if you want to scale the business and have more oversight and predictability.

Here’s why you're getting inconsistent results:

  • Wrong campaign structure & setup
  • Wrong budgets or bid strategy
  • Not enough ads and/or campaigns optimized for different times of the day, different devices and locations

Your Conversion Rates Are Low

It doesn't matter how much traffic you're getting if it isn't converting well enough.

Are your conversion rates under 10%? Or even under 5%? This could be costing you thousands in lost revenues and wasted ad spend.

Here’s why your conversion rates are too low:

  • Poorly optimized landing pages [most likely]
  • Wrong keywords and/or audience targeting
  • Issues with positioning, value proposition or USPs

Your Acquisition Cost Is Too High

You're maybe getting some traffic, leads or sales from your PPC efforts but the acquisition cost seems too high.

If your Quality Scores are lower than 7/10 you're overpaying for your clicks. Our account setup uses SKAG/STAG methodology and ensures that our clients get Quality scores of 7-10 for most keywords. This leads to decreased CPC and higher ROAS.

Here's why your acquisition cost is too high:

  • Low click-through-rates and poor copywriting
  • Low Quality Scores leading to extremely high CPC
  • Not taking a full advantage of remarketing

Can you relate to any of the above challenges? Then read on...

Start Generating more Leads and Sales from Day 1.

You may be asking yourself if there really is a better way to manage Google Ads than the one you’re currently using. And you probably want to see it before you believe it.

Our Google Ads Setup & Management helps to:

  • 1) Get consistent and predictable results
  • 2) Outsmart your competition
  • 3) Improve your conversion rates by 2-3x
  • 4) Build a more robust sales pipeline
  • 5) Close more high-value sales

Want to know more? Then read on...


Effective Positioning

We start by looking at your positioning to differentiate you from the competition. That way, we can identify what makes you unique so we can leverage that to attract your ideal clients and close more sales with less friction.

The way we do that is to look at what your customers really want and how you are uniquely positioned vs the competition. Then we work out an irresistible offer that stands out and gives you an unfair advantage in the market.

Step 2:

SKAG Account Structure

Once we’ve improved your positioning, we do an in-depth keyword research and develop a winning account structure.

SKAG or "single keyword ad group" structure ensures that you'll be able to get high quality scores and click through rates. This will lead in more traffic and lower cost per click. Oftentimes, with this setup we increase the amount of conversions our clients are getting by 2, 3 or even 10 fold.

Step 3:

Landing Page That Converts

Google Ads traffic needs to go to dedicated landing pages that build up the value and create urgency leading to high conversion rates and low customer acquisition cost.

Our copywriting team lives and breathes sales copy, so we’ll create a compelling piece that’ll push all the right buttons, and combine it with a stellar design optimized for conversions.

Step 4:

Hyper-targeted Ad Campaigns

We narrow down the targeting to ensure you get high-intent and ready-to-buy visitors. We also focus on your high-end and most profitable products and services first increasing not only your revenues but also profits.

Once we've proven the proof of concept via Google Ads, we can expand this on other PPC platforms like Bing, Amazon, LinkedIn, Facebook and more.

Step 5:

Automated Lead Nurturing

While some prospects will buy right away, many might need more convincing or nurturing until the timing is right.

Fortunately, you won’t have to compose personalized emails every day as you’ve done in the past. Besides the remarketing campaigns, we’ll help you set up an automated nurturing sequence that does all the heavy lifting so that your sales team spends more energy on hot opportunities and closes them with ease.

Imagine Your Sales Pipeline in 30 Days From Now…

Your Google Ads account can perform much better. And we’re here to help you every step of the way.

With our help,  you can expect:

  • More Leads and Sales from Day 1
  • Scaleable Ad Account Setup
  • Performance-based Pricing
  • A Dedicated Growth Partner

The catch? We can only work with a handful of clients at a time, so spaces are limited. If you want to get results as soon as possible, then book your free Google Ads strategy call now, and let’s talk.

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